Resources for Funding (DRAFT)

Where can you turn to find capital for your organization or project? One venture capital firm doesn’t bother to put its partners contact information on their website. Good entrepreneurs, they say, will be resourceful enough to find a way to connect to them through their networks. Sure, that makes sense on some levels, but it tells you how hard it can be to get started.

A lot of organizations offer funding in many different forms: loans, equity financing, grants, and a category of hybrids we’ll just label as “other.” This page is a working list of sources in the Triangle region of North Carolina. Let me know if you can think of any additions I should include.

Loans & Debt Capital

Self-Help Credit Union

Small Business Association (SBA) Sources

Lending Circle


Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation

Beehive Collective


Lookout Capital

Bull City Venture Partners

Triangle Angel Partners



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